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WSJ: Washington Wire
How a Deal on Tax Extenders Would Add to the Debt
Maya MacGuineas: That we are only now discussing what do to about tax breaks that expired nearly a year ago underscores just how broken our government has become.
11/26/2014 5:27:28 PM
WSJ: Washington Wire
Obama Pardons Turkey Named Cheese in Thanksgiving Tradition
In an annual Thanksgiving ritual, President Barack Obama on Wednesday pardoned a 48-pound turkey in a ceremony at the White House.
11/26/2014 3:32:22 PM
WSJ: Washington Wire
5 Questions About the EPA’s Smog Proposal
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday proposed lower limits for ground-level ozone, or smog, in the atmosphere, setting in motion the latest in a series of far-reaching federal pollution restrictions. Here are five things you need to know about the standard.
11/26/2014 2:14:43 PM
WSJ: Washington Wire
Opportunities for Tech Workers, Firms in Obama’s Immigration Order
Robert Litan: If Congress gets around to sending an immigration bill to the president, it should include the H-1B portability provisions that are in his executive order.
11/26/2014 11:14:20 AM