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WSJ: Washington Wire
Huckabee Nods to Presidential Run
Former Arkansas Republican Gov. Mike Huckabee gave fresh indications Sunday he’s moving toward another presidential bid.
1/25/2015 12:49:19 PM
WSJ: Washington Wire
White House Defends Tax Proposals to Aid Middle Class
White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on Sunday defended the tax proposals aimed at helping the middle class that President Barack Obama outlined in his State of the Union speech.
1/25/2015 12:03:17 PM
WSJ: Washington Wire
Obama, Modi Pledge Deeper Cooperation, Offer Few Details
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Barack Obama pledged to increase cooperation on trade, defense, security, terrorism and renewable energy Sunday.
1/25/2015 9:31:37 AM
WSJ: Washington Wire
Obama and Modi to Discuss Ways to Invigorate Trade
As India's economy has blossomed in the past decade it has been buying more from America, but its imports from China have grown at a much higher rate. After years as India's biggest trading partner, the U.S. was dethroned by China in 2007.
1/25/2015 6:10:42 AM